As RevaTis is rapidly expanding its footprint on a global basis, we encourage interested qualified parties to reach out to us to pursue synergy in one or more of the following areas:

  • Stem Cell Production:

Established entities with GMP-certified facilities can approach RevaTis to develop a contractual framework for producing “muscle derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells” (MdMSCs) under negotiated licensing terms for specific implementations.

  • Bio-banking:

Techniques for the preservation and transportation of stem cells can be improved, miniaturized, optimized and standardized to comply with existing and evolving regulations. RevaTis looks to technology and service providers to collaborate to accelerate this process.

  • Regenerative Applications and Certification:

Success criteria and inoculation conditions for specific implementation are expected to vary from case to case. RevaTis is interested in defining these conditions for a wide variety of situations for both Human and Veterinary applications from undifferentiated stem cells.

  • Research & Development:

Further improvement in the isolation and automation of the RevaTis patented process, as well as the development of novel applications and/or routes of administration will be considered with competent institutions.

  • Tissue Engineering:

In-vitro development of tissue cultures from stem cells provides unique opportunities to complement regenerative practices in hospital environments. Specialized laboratories with certified practices can offer their facilities to help develop, evaluate and test such techniques and grafting approaches.

  • 3D Organ Printing:

The production of complete organs from autologous stem cells using 3D printing can be a substitute for artificial and live transplants. Much research will be needed to evaluate the viability of such an approach and candidate entities are invited to connect with us.

  • Diagnostic, toxicology and personalized “organ on chip”

The high pluripotency of the RevaTis mdMSCs opens the way for testing the efficacy and/or toxicity of drugs on the patient’s cells differentiated or not. Companies working on the “Organ on chips” field are invited to contact us

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