• has the exclusive licence on a patented technology to obtain pluripotent adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells from a minimally invasive muscle micro-biopsy for human medicine
  • is working in aseptic isolators and develops a complete ‘turnkey’ system including the quality Management System, the Electronic Batch Record and fully GMP compliant.
  • has an authorisation by the ethical committee of Brussel University to collect samples in human
  • has all the SOP to collect, transport, culture, characterise and freeze the human muscle derived Stem Cells with xenofree medium
  • Is able to produce frozen undifferentiated HUMAN muscle-derived stem cells


  • for banking,
  • for autologous therapeutic uses (sepsis, immunomodulation …. Oncology ?)
  • for tissue engineering,
  • for all the non-therapeutic uses such as research, toxicology, diagnostic and personalized medicine

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